Ebong Alap / এবং আলাপ

Journey (2015-2016)

Ebong Alap organized a workshop on ‘Understanding Adolescence’ with Disha, Sunderban in Bali, Gosaba on March 10-11, 2015. They key resource person for the workshop was noted psycho-therapist and counsellor Mohit Ranadip.


Ebong Alap and Disha organized a workshop jointly with Swayam on 1st December 2015 to discuss the recent socio-economic changes in Sunderban and it links with rise in alcoholism and domestic violence.


Ebong Alap, in collaboration with Nirantar Trust, started working towards a series of workshops on gender and education with district school teachers and gender coordinators since 2015. The districts chosen – Nadia, North 25 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Midnapore, and Bardhaman. For this, fund was received from the ICSSR (Indian Council for Social Science Research). These culminated in a 4-day residential workshop at IITD (Indian Institute of Training and Development), Kolkata in January 2016.


Ebong Alap celebrated International Women’s Day in March 2016 jointly with Disha in Sundarban. The programme was held in Bali Basic Junior School and students and teachers from three other schools on the island participated in the day-long programme. A debate for high school students was held on the occasion on 'Women work a lot more both inside and outside their homes in rural areas.

Talash Society facilitated a workshop on Body and Self-Defence in May 2016 at Bali, Sundarban with members of Disha. 

Ebong Alap facilitated Girl's Awareness Workshops in several schools of North 24 Parganas district. These workshops were organized by Sarva Shiksha Mission.

Ebong Alap organized a four day workshop with Disha members on ‘Self, Society and gender-Sexualities’ facilitated by Sappho for Equality in September 2016 at Bali, Sundarban.

Swayam facilitated a capacity-building workshop on counseling skills with Disha members in October 2016. The two-day workshop was jointly organized by Ebong Alap and Swayam.

Ebong Alap and Disha held a workshop for school students in December 2016 with support from Ayash-An Effort on Adolescence and Taboo Topics and another facilitated by Swayamon domestic violence.



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